26 Feb 2016

About the artist

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Raised in Pequannock, NJ, starting out, Jason would have bet his life that he would have been a professional Baseball Player. However, as time went on, it became clear that the 5' nothing, 165lb (soak and wet) athelete would not be a New York Yankee. Fortunately, Jason was lucky enough to be born into a family of many talents, and with parents who lead by example, he was able to extend his dreams to endeavors such as aviation and art.

Jason decided after high school that he would invest in aviation college at Teterboro School of Aeronautics, and after graduating, decided to serve his country in the United States Air Force. In the USAF, he proudly served a four year term, which included tours in Operations Desert Storm and Southern Watch as an aerospace propulsion specialist. For Jason, working on the famed "U-2 Spyplane" with the great men and women of the 99th Reconnaissance Squadron as well as the famed Lockheed Martin Skunkworks team was an absolute privilege. Go Beale Bandits!

Leaving the Air Force was a tough decision. Yet life, as it so often can do, pushed him to move on as he was presented with a great opportunity to continue to serve his country when he was recruited by Northrop Grumman to work with Skunkworks on on projects like the B-2 Stealth Bomber.

After many government layoffs, he decided to pursue other adventures, and after a string of different jobs, decided to go back to school. It was at the International Academy of Design and Technology in Toronto, Canada that he learned 3D Animation and Post Production using Alias Wavefront’s, Maya. This was one of the most inspiring courses he ever took, which drove him to combine his artistic skills with the power of the internet. So it was a no brainer for him to go back to school for Web Design at the Chubb Institute. Impressed by his 3D Animation skill, Chubb decided that Jason would make a good instructor and thus hired him to teach. The road became very clear, teaching became both a love and a passion, and it lead to the eventual promotion to the role of Director of the Graphic Design and Animation Department. This position was both a blessing and a curse. The blessing was that it allowed him to keep teaching while gaining experience in the Manager’s chair. The curse was that he was stuck in the vicious circle of politics.

Moreover, the position allowed him little time to learn the latest skills necessary to survive in the real graphic design, web development world. Knowing this would one day haunt him if he stayed, Jason had to make the tough choice and said goodbye to the world of teaching. It was time to go out and practice what he preached!

After stumbling his way through a 3D job that proved not to be what he hoped, Jason landed a job with the popular, New York Film Academy. To that point, the academy became the most important job of his life. The New York Film Academy was run by the famed producer, Jerry Sherlock (The Hunt For Red October). Anyone who worked for Mr. Sherlock will tell you that he was very demanding and expects only the best. Day in and day out, he was required to produce only the best results that the Academy demanded. As a result, patience and fortitude would reign as he learned the rules of the graphic arts game. Even though the job was "challenging", it was, in the end, Jason’s saving grace. Mr. Sherlock, as harsh and unforgiving as he can be, taught him many things about the industry and himself that would later prove vital in his career, and after leaving the Academy, Jason cultivated a stable and prosperous career in the Web Development field.

Often asked why he works in the cut-throat world of Design and Development, Jason responds truthfully;

"I will not lie, being an artist/developer has been the most challenging of career choices. There are many sacrifices that must be made to stay the course in such a demanding field. The nights are long and nothing is ever what it seems, and like any powerful medium, with a careless glance, Art has both filled my heart and broke it, with an equal cold indifference. Yet, there is comfort in it which you can not find anywhere else. There is magic in creation, and the benefits by far out-way the burden, and as any artist may or may not tell you, there is nothing more enticing than being handed a blank canvas."

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